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Recent Work
Aviation Planning and Technical Services
2016-2018 - NJP participated in the preparation of the Airport Master Plan for Ernest A. Love Field / Prescott Municipal Airport as part of a multi-consultant planning team. NJP was responsible for preparation of the foundational elements of the Master Plan, the forecasts of aviation demand for both Air Carrier and General Aviation (GA) activity. NJP was also responsible for determination of the critical aircraft for both airline and GA operations, and determination of the runway length requirements for all three of the runways. Other duties included assistance in the airspace analysis update, and participation in planning for Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) improvements.
2015-2016 - NJP prepared a new Airport Layout Plan (ALP) for Chandler Municipal Airport that utilizes the most current aerial photogrammetry and topographic mapping to depict the existing conditions, and that provides an interim update of the Airport’s goals for future development. The project included close coordination with the FAA’s Phoenix ADO to ensure a fully approvable ALP submittal, specifically as regards the current FAA standards changes and pending policy changes for land uses within Runway Protection Zones.
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